by Without Me

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released October 31, 2015



all rights reserved


Without Me Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Solitary Trial of Descent
Words falling apart into pieces and their eyes never made the attempt to even watch as they fell so when my face walked in the direction their eyes were facing they didn't know how oblivious they were to what they had just missed to witness.
I have become the embodiment of the abyss.
Track Name: Sovereign
I feel it seeping through the pores. I am encompassed in a state of nothingness and the state of concern is non existent. Knives spewing out of my mouth, cutting and piercing; it feels good.
It feels meant to be.
Swallowing myself into myself into myself into myself.
There is no self.
I portray and you obey.
Come and give me what I demand.
You're such a pretty pet.
Track Name: Inscrutable Scrutiny
Slewing in between the shadows you cannot see or refuse to see.
It makes no difference.
Where others think they can depict I have already drawn out a picture of scripture for themselves to indulge in.
It's laughable how much they think they have control.
It was never in their hands.
Track Name: Omniscient Hex
There is always a choice is starting to sound like a circumstance where there was no other choice given but to make that statement before making the decision they were always going to make.
Cessation of calculations for everything has already been adding up to align where it was meant to mean to be, but for some reason you have thought you could see further than what was already here.

(It lets it's presence be known when you are ready. In the shadows it lurks. It has always been there. Patiently watching over you awaiting your awakening.)
Track Name: Unsheathe
I'm no longer sure whether it's a burning or a sinking feeling regardless it is certainly limitless as I have felt weightless for quite some time.
I stand where I never stood before, I might as well never have and as I look to see my feet I see small spectacles of fragments exploding into invisibility.