The Smell of Rain

by Without Me

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released May 23, 2015



all rights reserved


Without Me Columbus, Ohio

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Track Name: Translucent Cascade
Track Name: Those Days Are Gone
I still remember when we would share laughter together
I still remember when we were inseparable from each other
I will always remember
I wish we could have one more day together, just like before
I wish that I could do more than only remember, just like before
Where have those days gone, the days when you would smile
Where have those days gone, the days when you were happy
Those days are gone
Living takes away life
And I've watched you disappear
The person you once were
Is no longer here
Track Name: My Dear Friend
Sometimes I feel as though I cannot breathe
Your presence still lingers as if you have become a ghost to haunt me
But I know it is I who haunts myself
With thoughts of you I begin to feel my lungs collapsing, my mind starts caving in, as though my heart is going to stop beating
Sometimes I wish it really would
Because of you I hope there is life after death so that I can get to see you again, talk to you again and laugh with you again
I'm glad that I got to know you
I'm grateful that I got to know you
Rest in peace my dear friend
Track Name: Of What's to Come
The sun edges over the surface of the horizon
The clouds part as it comes into fruition
The sounds of children playing
Brings worry of what is to come
Brings sorrow of what already has
When happiness and light seem but temporary delusions
I miss the feeling of being whole
I miss the feeling of not being empty
Cut against the tide
Adjust to the current
For if you are not ready
These waves will consume you
My heart feels heavy
My heart is weary
They say everything that happens is meant to be
I say there are things that happen in this life that should have never been
Track Name: Reminiscence